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Santa's Sparkly Surprise

Santa's Sparkly Surprise

Bring your little ones to see Santa, Ellie the Elf and the gang. They have been so busy getting all the presents ready for the boys and girls around the world that they have forgotten to get ready for Christmas themselves. Rudolph and Mouse are very sad that the workshop has no decorations or a Christmas tree and that there are no presents for them! They are going to need the help of all the children in the audience to make Christmas as special as it should be.

Santa’s Sparkly Surprise is the fifth show in the series written by Iain Lauchlan for the preschool audience. It will offer just as much fun, interaction and great songs to sing as all the others and the show will, of course, have a great storyline that the children can get involved in. So join us to get the festive season off to a magical start by helping Rudolph and Mouse bring Christmas to the North Pole and meeting Santa to give him your Christmas list and receiving an early Christmas gift from him.

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